Cueva Omnium


Cueva uses the best processes and materials that allow obtaining an exceptional quality in all its products.


Our bikes are designed and developed by cycling enthusiasts that actively test products in real environments. Therefore, we can say that Cueva products are designed to squeeze maximum performance and having a unique experience at each ride. Cueva flees the lower ranges and focuses on products for connoisseurs. Basing its creation in mechanical engineering and its construction in the Italian craftsmanship, the design becomes important by playing with high visibility colors and materials exposed.


Cueva lets its products to speak for themselves by making clean and fresh designs. The range of aluminum has the hallmarks of 'Columbus Airplane 7005 T6' and the exceptional MPAT 7005 T6 Triple Butted tubing. The carbon range gives way to the exclusivity of its carbon fiber 'HR40' with a set of gloss and matte finishes.


Cueva Vuelta



We cannot leave our products to chance, this is why every range is tested in our headquarters and in real environments before get into the market. These environments combine both cities with traffic as roads and footpaths in disrepair. With these tests we can analyze the fatigue suffered by our products and their response is exceptional after an intensive use. In addition, we ensure to introduce our products in races in order to gather information about handling and comfort when it’s time to squeeze every ounce of them.


The result of all these tests and experiments is obtaining an exceptional product that performs perfectly under all conditions, whether favorable or adverse.




In Cueva not everything is governed by data or flashy designs that give the final touch to the product. Our commitment to what we do goes beyond these aspects and nothing that not exceed our exacting standards is approved. That is why we try to carefully select the materials to obtain the product that exalts our exclusive ambitions and care the elaboration process in order to get real pieces of art.


Cueva works directly with artisans who produce the products in order to constantly improve processes and qualities. That is why our products are born by uniting the most advanced techniques with the hand of the most classic artisans. Italian craftsmen who forged their career in the golden ages of cycling and that today continue making bikes with own soul.


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