Cueva Crash Replacement


Nobody like us understands the risks of riding on fixed gear bikes. These kinds of bicycles are ridden like the hell and accidents happen. Why you should stop enjoying your main passion? In order to leave the accident in nothing more than a scare, Cueva offers a Crash Replacement in all the framesets.


With this Crash Replacement you can replace your damaged frame with a new equivalent Cueva frame by a reduced price. This offer is valid for three years from the date of purchase and your product must be registered according to the registration instructions. Ensure to register your bike just after buying it and do not exceed the period of 30 days or the claim for Crash Replacement will be invalid.


This service is limited to the original purchaser of the frame and the structural damage that compromises the proper use of the bike. Purely cosmetic damage or willful damage to the bicycle did not give access to Crash Replacement Service. A frame obtained by this service shall be excluded from future replacements. Offers obtained by Crash Replacement Service cannot be combined with other current offers.


If you fulfill the requirements to use the Crash Replacement you should contact us through and we will advise you to proceed with the removal of the damaged frameset and its replacement.