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Cueva uses the best materials, from the famous alloy of Columbus Airplane 7005 series with heat treatment T6 far superior to the 6061 alloy, to the exclusive HR40 carbon fiber. All our frames are handmade by the best Italian artisans who are able to combine in a single bicycle the cycling tradition with edge processes and designs.

We believe that the weight of our products is very important and we work very hard for - without reducing the stiffness of the bike - offer the lowest weights across the range of the market.

The geometries that offer our frames are at the exact point of comfort and sportiness offering the rider an increased pedaling efficiency for a longer time.

eurodolar carriers cueva six years

Thanks to not having multiple intermediaries that increase the price of the final product, you are the real benefitted and we can offer you the best price available in the market.

As we know after the purchase the waiting has to be minimal, we work with the best carrier companies for you to receive your new Cueva in the shortest possible time.

There is nothing better than being covered directly from the brand and that is what we do. From Cueva we offer a guarantee of up to six years for all our frames and forks.