CUEVA BIKES was born with the main mission of create unique bikes to real cycling enthusiasts. Thinking on these select cyclists, we articulate our products with the best materials and processes. The CUEVA products are therefore the result of an absolute dedication and an unconditional love for cycling.


CUEVA was created at a University Campus in the city of Stuttgart (Germany), home of engineering and technology, after a long research project. In 2013 the project come back to Spain with the challenge of model and fabricate a high performance brand. The mission is to advance as a new style of cycling mixing high performance frames and shocking designs.


Currently our headquarters is located in Spain where the Research & Development department leads the new trends and tests future models. The manufacturing process of CUEVA BIKES is fully handmade in Italy by renowned craftsmen following the guidelines of the R&D department. The materials used are always the best in the market - from aluminum to carbon fiber which are guaranteed for the best riding experience.


We want to satisfy the demands of our bikers. If you need further information, please don't hesitate to contact us at  info@cuevabikes.com